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Copper cryogenic evaporators are designed for cooling electronic devices such as computer CPU, RAM, video card chips, etc. Evaporators are made to work with an electronics system inside the case itself and are mounted with tubing to be attached to a Dewar tap or cryogenic system. This allows easy mounting in almost any system.

Evaporators are filled with a liquid refrigerant (liquid nitrogen or liquid hydrocarbon gases) to transfer the heat from the surface of the electronics. The evaporated gas cools the rest of the system and may be compressed and liquefied by a suitable system for that refrigerant. These evaporators are heavy duty and meant for use with extremely low temperature refrigerants. A closed tube that reaches the inside bottom is provided for use with a thermocouple.

Copper and brass evaporators are manufactured by brazing with the filler metal P81 - alloy of the Cu-Zn-Ni-P system. The filler metal is approved for working at cryogenic temperatures including -196C (-320F).

Patented design: the US Patent No. 7,243,507, filed 02/04/2006

Pictures below show the evaporators mounted on electronic devices and as manufactured with materials microstructure.

Mounted evaporator

A version of the evaporator mounted on a CPU. The other components of the system are cooled by the cold gaseous nitrogen that leaves through the exhaust as the liquid nitrogen cooling the CPU evaporates.

If used in a closed case such as the insulated case above, the total temperature of all other components may be brought down to liquid refrigerant temps in minutes. The purging effect of the gaseous refrigerant also removes air from inside the case if closed, removing most, if not all harmful condensation.

Copper evaporators

High quality copper evaporators manufactured by Titanium Brazing, Inc.
Evaporators built to specifics with task of application in mind.

Copper microstructure

Microstructure of brazed copper joint made with the cryogenic approved filler metal P81 (Cu-Zn-Ni-P).
Dense, defect-free joint!

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